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Night is Coming is a survival, building and development simulation set in a fantasy world. It is inspired by Slavic mythology and the mystique of the Carpathian region.
The player manages their settlement, giving orders to the people and improving living conditions on various lands and locales. It is crucial to protect and upgrade the settlers so they’re equipped to fight countless monsters and beasts obsessed with destruction. Over time, the settlers may need to move to other lands to find answers on how to repel the inevitable danger…and eventually save the world

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Build and manage

Manage your own settlement in a cold region of the Carpathian Mountais: assign roles, gather resources, provide your settlers with food, clothes and shelter, recruit new settlers, teach them cooking, farming, mining and other crafts, explore the lands around you for rare resources

Take care and improve

Each settler is an individual. Every one has their own characteristics, abilities, needs, attributes and skill levels. Use them wisely to develop the settlement. Also each settler contains a big amount of spirit, which makes one stronger or weaker

Fight and protect

Gradually decreasing temperature, snowstorms and blizzards, long dark nights will be your opponents in your struggle to survive. And they will not come alone… Every winter the waves of monsters will be stronger, the darkness thicker

Will you survive?

Survive — Form a strong settlement. Stand all the waves of monsters. Destroy the baron. And move to new lands

The more difficult is the path, the more fruitfull your journey will be. If you avoid challenges, the difficulty level grows quickly — the Darkness feels your fear and pursues your settlers more aggressively

The atmosphere

A living, breathing world: sunrises and sunsets, birds, elemental spirits, dynamic weather and seasonal shifts

Charming audio content by the master of instrumental music Alizbar


Sergey Kornilov
Anatoliy Malkov
Technical director
Dmitriy Parfenov
Game designer
Evgeniy Razinkov
Game designer
Oksana Kazakova
Veronika Ovchinnikova
3d Artist
Anastasia Bobkova
Community manager
Maxim Sorokin
Sandu Buzgan
VFX and Graphics


Night is coming
Expected year of release 2020